Magical and Extraordinary Gifts

Wishbook Cover
Earlier this week, I found myself reflecting back on Christmas as a child. Good memories, each and every single one of them, for sure. 

Part of what made for a good Christmas in my youth was the arrival of the Sears catalog. In the back of the catalog was a HUGE Christmas Wish List section that seemed to span hundreds of pages. (I think it really was hundreds of pages!)

I can remember my mother handing me the catalog one year in particular and asking me to make my list for Santa. Can you imagine the joy in my heart in that very moment? Pure bliss, plain and simple!

I think I handed my mother two notebook pages full of selections. I honestly don't know how she held back her laughter. Instead, she looked at me rather seriously and said, "You know, Santa can't bring you everything on this list." That pure magic made a 180-degree turn to pure disappointment. "What do you mean? Santa brings good girls and boys everything they ask for!" 

I suppose my mother didn't want me to think I wasn't a good little girl, so she encouraged me to trim my list just a bit. And though I can't specifically remember what Santa brought me that year, I'm sure it was filled with many of the things I jotted down on my list. And I imagine my mother was likely relieved that another Christmas had passed without the lid being blown on Santa. After all, the "real" Santa had a budget to consider!

I'm not one for making Christmas wish lists these days. Perhaps if the Sears catalog still came in the mail, things would be different. There was no better guide for sparking one's imagination and reminding you of the things you really couldn't live without.

Of course, it takes getting into one's adult years to fully realize the greatest gifts aren't listed in the pages of a Wish Book or in the packages we unwrap; they're in the hearts and souls of our families and friends. If these are gifts you haven't yet identified, let alone unwrapped, don't wait a moment longer. 

You see, it wasn't what was on page 217 in the Sears catalog (the Malibu Barbie beach house, perhaps) that mattered most; it was the person who handed me the catalog in the first place -- my mother. Such an extraordinary gift in my life.  

And so, dear readers, I ask you: what is the gift that you most wish for this holiday season? Let me propose a slightly different question: who is the gift that you will most treasure this holiday season?

My wish for you is that your lives, your hearts, and your homes be filled with the magical and extraordinary gift of love from your family and friends. 

And I wish you much peace and an abundance of joy.

Merry Christmas.