Let's Go Dream!

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend game three of the WNBA finals here in Atlanta and to watch the Dream take on the Seattle Storm. It was an awesome sight to see 10,000+ fans gather to cheer on a team that had become the Eastern Conference champions in just their third season of play.

It’s a great story, really. The Dream battled back from a 2008 opening season in which they set two WNBA all-time records, both for consecutive losses and for losses from opening day. (Not the kind of records that one wants to set.) And yet, just three years later, they find themselves at the 2010 WNBA finals. Pretty darn impressive in anyone’s book.

Last night’s game was an exciting one for sure, particularly with the “do or die” quotient hanging rather densely in the air for Atlanta; Seattle had already claimed the first two games on their home turf.

All that being said, this entry has nothing to do with basketball, really. It’s about what I witnessed up in the stands last night. With a team having the name, “Dream,” it’s really interesting (at least for me) to draw parallels between the passion that one has for the Dream on the court vs. the passion one has for the dream in their life.

And so, I found it quite entertaining to watch people all around me ringing cow bells, beating thunder sticks, and waving terrible towels emblazoned with the words, "Believe in the Dream.” Then, there was the persistent and enthusiastic chanting of "Let's Go Dream," throughout the evening. (Given the volume of things, I dare say a few people are in search of their voices this morning.)

I couldn't help but wonder if they could muster up that much passion for their own dreams. I literally laughed out loud when I heard the game announcer invite everyone to, “Make some noise for your Dreeeeeam!

Imagine having your own personal announcer encouraging you like that for your own dream. At his beckoning, you'd instantly stand up and cheer yourself on to victory. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? (I should have taken that guy home!)

Analogies abound with team Dream, illustrated beautifully by taking a look at some of their headlines:

·  “Building the Dream”

·  “Dream Falls Short”

·  “Restoring the Dream”

·  “Living the Dream"

So, what’s your dream? And, is it big enough to light you up, to motivate you, and to inspire you to take action?

Imagine having the fire in your belly and the passion in your heart to stand up and cheer for your dream, cow bell in one hand and terrible towel in the other. Nothing moves people quite like passion. Discover yours and get moving.

Build your dream.  Restore it if you fall short. Live your dream. And no matter what, in the face of all else, believe in your dream. You see, life doesn’t kill the dreams we dream; we do.


By the way, this morning’s headline tells the tale as to who took home the victory last night: “Storm blows through Atlanta.” (Enough said.)