Arrivals and Departures

Where is it in life thatyou’re looking to arrive? You know, that place you feel sure will make all the difference once you get there, that very same place that tells you (and the world, for that matter), that you’ve made it?

Is it (or was it) the arrival from childhood to adulthood?

…from high school to college?

…from living with your parents to living on your own?

…from being single to being married?

…from being childless to having a house full of kids?

…from a busy schedule to a relaxing vacation?

…from overweight to losing weight?

…from living on the east coast to doing life on the west coast?

…from an unhappy marriage to a divorce?

…from being divorced to being remarried?

---from employment to retirement?

...and so on and so on.

Do the places you arrive give you the sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and fulfillment you imagined? Or is it one fleeting trip after another, leaving you feeling a bit frustrated and exhausted (…and perhaps wondering what the heck direction you’re actually headed)?

We have a tendency to go through life with the idea that once we arrive at a particular place, achieve a specific goal, or reach a significant milestone, our lives will somehow be different – that we will somehow be different. But is that really the case?

If moving to a new city, leaving your partner to do life with someone new, or changing careers are the kinds of changes you think will lead to your ultimate fulfillment, you may want to think again. You can be certain the same kind of “issues” that were with you before your departure will find you upon your arrival.

The reason is simple: wherever you go, there you are. You are the common denominator in the situations, events, and relationships in your life. (After all, who else could it be?)

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a scheduled departure, no arrival will ever satisfy you, no matter where you’re headed, if you’re not "grounded" in who you are and what’s really important to you.

Here’s the thing. It’s not the doing that defines us and creates our ultimate success and fulfillment; it’s who we’re being, how we’re showing-up for ourselves and others.

When we choose to show-up with peace, love, and joy (as we often wish one another in our holiday cards each year), the chances of experiencing a sense of fulfillment are infinitely greater than say, the chances of experiencing an on-time departure.

Take the time to contemplate how you want to be in life, how you want to show up for others, and for yourself. Start leaning into that and see the difference it makes. And when you start living into it fully, not only will you have "made it," but I guarantee your travel schedule will be a lot less hectic.