Your Personal Wattage

Have you ever wondered what kind of energy you’re putting out into the world? (As energetic beings, we're putting something out there all the time.) Are you putting out the “good” stuff, the kind of stuff that seemingly lights up a room, that lights up another person’s world? Or do you emit the kind of stuff that drags other people down, the kind of stuff that could snuff out the sun in a matter of moments?

(HINT: If you’re feeling incredibly drained, you’re likely emitting the not-so-good stuff.)

Think of it like a light bulb; we all have our own personal wattage. What’s yours? And why do most of us, despite the fact that we have no limit on the amount of wattage our proverbial sockets can hold, walk around as though such limits exist?

Granted, even the brightest of lights get turned off at times, just as the sun goes down at the end of every day. But that’s not the point. What’s important to think about is your default setting. How much light do you emit in the moments that define your life? Is your rheostat constantly on the move, dialing up the energy and turning it back down again? And on the whole, do you default to a higher setting or a lower one?  

And what would you say about those rare individuals who, despite their circumstances, consistently shine brighter than most of us? I say they’re incredibly inspiring people and we’d do well to learn from them.

One thing they teach us for sure is that the kind of energy we emit is a choice. We choose how we’re going to be, the level of energy we put out there. Nobody else, and no circumstance outside ourselves, is responsible for our personal wattage.

People with that “special something,” that thing that makes us want to be around them, that thing we can’t quite put our finger on, don’t have it because they’re born with it – they have it because they choose to have it. 

So, what have you chosen for yourself? If you’ve chosen to live a life guided by fear and anger, I’m 100% certain that your rheostat is turned way down low and you’ve got very little energy at the end of the day, literally.

If you want to turn it up (and who doesn’t, really?), try adding a few extra filaments in the form of forgiveness, compassion, peace, and joy and I’m 110% certain you’ll radiate energy in a way that even you won’t recognize.

And while you’ll surely inspire those around you, the benefits you’ll discover for yourself will be more than enough to light-up the midnight sky.