This is Your Time

Have you ever noticed that everywhere you look, perhaps even in the mirror, people are obsessed with time? Time permeates the life of every human being (I don’t have enough time, time is of the essence, can I have a moment of your time, I’m running out of time, I wish I had more time, I’ll get to it if I have time – you get the idea). And the funny thing is, try as we might, we can’t impact time. No matter what, the clock keeps on ticking and the hands keep on moving. The only thing we can manage around time is our relationship to it.

So, what kind of relationship could you have with time that would actually empower you and make a difference in how you're living your life? We often hear people saying things like, “now’s the time” or “I’m feeling lucky this time” as if there are only certain moments when things could possibly fall in our favor. That’s actually true because that’s exactly how we’re thinking about it. By the way, the same holds true when we say “I don’t have time.” We don’t have it because we say we don’t have it.  Imagine how different your relationship with time could be if you truly embraced it as something that was working with you and for you as opposed to working against you? (Imagine that same view in your relationship with the people in your life.) Makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Consider that you can claim time as your own – this is my time. I’m not talking about a given moment here and there that feels special or magical in some way (like the feeling that you’re holding a winning lottery ticket this time). I’m talking about the entire span of your life. Every day, in every moment, and in every situation: this is your time. In managing your relationship with time in this way, you can take full advantage of the circumstances in your life, no matter what, because your time is always now.

Sooner or later, we all submit to time every “body.” Until then, why not get serious and take your relationship to the next level. (Isn't it about time?)