What's Your Race?

Sleep has eluded me these past few nights, which I’m all too happy toyield to witness something rare and wonderful: that magical two-week period when the world comes together, in the healthy spirit of competition, to watch the Olympic Games. 

While being transfixed by the sheer physicality of these incredibly gifted and talented athletes, immediately investing in their dreams to be the best, and cheering them on with all the excitement of a high school cheerleader, I began wondering why it’s so much easier to cheer for people we don’t even know than it is for ourselves. Kind of funny, isn’t it?

Imagine having that “jump out of your chair” kind of excitement and enthusiasm for your own life. Now, that would really be something, wouldn’t it? Does it take a world stage, the pursuit of a medal, or your country’s flag being unfurled as the national anthem is playing in the background to get you that inspired to be your best? (Hopefully not, since only a handful among us will actually have that experience.)

So, what would it take? What’s the race that would have you cheering for yourself at least as much as you find yourself cheering for a total stranger? What’s the race that would have you training as if you’d only get to showcase yourself to the world once every four years? What's your race? We all have one, just like every man and woman who ever made it to the Olympics.

You might well say that you know what it is, you just can’t get that excited about it (clue #1: you’re running the wrong race) or something’s gotten in your way (clue #2: tell yourself to get out of the way).  We’ve got to stop cheering on our inner critic, the one that tells us to never take a risk, to always take the safe road and to compromise our chance at the gold by playing small.

Truth is, everything you need is sitting right there inside of you: your race, your abilities, your greatness (and yes, even your own personal cheering section). Don’t let that elude you. On your mark, get set, go!