Deliver the Package

When occasions call for gift giving, it's often the case that I wait until the last possible moment to make my purchases. Mind you, this has nothing to do with procrastination. So, why prolong the buying experience? Because I just can't wait to hand over my gifts. Try as I might, my excitement gets the best of me! It's no surprise then, this last-minute approach can often cost me dearly in the form of expedited delivery charges. (Yes, I'm on a first name basis with the UPS guy!)

Last week, I had the wonderful experience of watching Barbara McAfee perform here in Atlanta. Barbara brings meaning to life through her music, inspiring deep reflection and a bit of soul-searching, while creating a generous space for laughing at oneself. These lyrics from her song "No One Else Can Sing Your Song," really struck a chord (pun intended!) with me: 

The truth is your song never leaves you;
it's you who leaves your song."

What exactly does this have to do with last-minute gift shopping? Listening to Barbara, I began to wonder just how many of us are holding back our God-given gifts, present company included. Each one of us knows our gifts, but for fear of what others might think or say, or our own limiting beliefs, we cover them up and play a different (smaller) game. Even worse, we turn our backs on them altogether.

Imagine sharing the excitement of your gifts with the same energy and enthusiasm with which you share gifts wrapped with paper and ribbon. And why not, really? I'm of the opinion that we're here to deliver the gifts we were given; if we don't give them, they'll never get here.

So, if there's anything you're going to abandon, let it be the idea that there's something wrong with you. Instead, shop the depths of your being for the gifts you've been hiding. Take them out and share them with the reckless abandon of a child. The world has been waiting for you: your family, your friends, your business, your organization - everyone, everywhere. Even you have been waiting for you. So forget UPS (sorry, Ray!), and FedEx, and all the rest. The time to deliver your gifts is now.