"Life Notes" Comes to Life

As an entrepreneur, launching "Life Notes" makes this a big day for Life Touch Coaching. As a marketeer, I'm mindful of the phrase, "become just like everyone else and you're sure to become invisible." At the risk of becoming invisible, I'm happy to add my voice (in written form, of course!) to the mix. And, if you're reading this, perhaps I'm not really all that invisible!

I was contemplating the subject of my first blog entry as I was riding my exercise bike yesterday (a New Year's resolution) when Tracy Bonham's stirring tune "Whether You Fall" shuffled through my iPod and made its way through my headphones. At that moment, inspiration became my riding partner. Whether you fall (literally or figuratively), as you're working on your new year's resolutions, means nothing at all. It's whether you get up. Resolutions are not about perfection. Actually, nothing in life is. If we were perfect, we would never have been born here in the first place. How's that for relieving a bit of pressure?

So, don't think about making this year a perfect 2010. Instead, whether you’re exercising more and eating less or loving more and complaining less, know that it's part of the human condition to take a tumble from time to time. And, it's the extraordinary among us who get up, dust ourselves off, and continue down the path to greatness.

I wish you an extraordinary journey in 2010, dust and all, and I hope you'll stop and rest every once and a while to read a bit more from the pages of "Life Notes."

In the meantime, my sincere thanks to you for sharing a part of your journey, and a part of my personal blogging history, with me.

Cindy Gardner
Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer
Life Touch Coaching, LLC