"Cindy knows that the process by which we become extraordinary is a never-ending process, that there is no plateau to attain which does not sit below yet another plateau to strive for in our quest for quality of life, success, and balance. She brings it to the table each and every time you engage her. As a business owner, I am deeply grateful to have access to a mentor and coach of the caliber of Cindy. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.”  

- Pam Schloemer, President, Schloemer Bookkeeping Services

"Cindy is a gifted coach who has the great ability to listen objectively, support unconditionally, and keep you focused on your ultimate goals. In working with Cindy, I have had confidence and encouragement to enter a new phase of my life with grace, strength and, most important, passion.”   

- Melody Pourmoradi, CEO, Caprina Handbags

"Cindy is a very effective coach and group leader. Her approach is marked by an ability to listen, a genuine interest in helping, a lot of compassion and support, and a focus on producing results. Whenever I asked Cindy a question regarding a dilemma I was facing, she was able to demonstrate piercing insight that allowed me to take meaningful action to make situations in my life better, and my life overall less stressful and more enjoyable. I was always left empowered and energized after talking to Cindy during our conference calls. I think Cindy is an outstanding coach. In her role as my group leader, she was a significant contributor to my personal journey of self-development for which I will always be grateful."  

- Jamal El-Hibri, PhD, Senior Research Associate

"Working with Cindy on the Energy Leadership Index Assessment was a life changing moment for me and my career/business. In our work together, Cindy has helped me to see where and what was holding me back in my life and therefore in my business. She assisted me in creating a pathway to my goals and success. In the few months I have been working with Cindy, I am seeing my business and my life move in the direction I have long desired. I feel Cindy has helped me to become a more powerful, effective, and productive leader in my business and in my life."

- Ivy Slater, Slater Success Coaching

"I met Cindy earlier this year at a networking event. After we spoke it was clear why she is a successful coach and motivational speaker. As a result of our conversation, I asked if she would speak to a women’s networking group that I belong to and she kindly agreed. Cindy spoke about creating confidence and delivered a message that was empowering, uplifting and filled with helpful suggestions. It couldn’t have been more appropriate for a group of women in job transition. The feedback was extremely positive. I would happily recommend Cindy and her services to any potential clients!"

- Jennifer Sturgeon, PR/Marketing Manager

"Cindy blends an innate ability to connect with people along with her expertise as a Certified Professional Coach. I have utilized Cindy's talents to assist me in achieving both personal and professional goals that otherwise would not have been obtained. Cindy has demonstrated to me an extremely high level of confidentiality and the ability to create a coach client relationship that's based on trust. If you're interested in working with someone who will help you clearly define your goals, create an action plan to move forward and hold you accountable in an honest, supportive manner, I highly recommend you hire Cindy Gardner as your coach!"

- Peter Tantalo, General Manager at WestRock Solvay Mill